Friday, September 12, 2008

On the Border: San Bernardo Community Center Site

Finally, the site of my thesis project is in the northwester side of San Bernardo. It is in land that the developer had to donate to the municipality by law and Oscar Romo and his organization are trying to have donated to them. Oscar's idea is to build about 30 houses, a community center, a waste water treatment plant, and a plant nursery. I am thinking of focusing on the design of the community center and houses, while also doing the master plan for the other programs in the 2,500 square meter site. However, I also think it could be more interesting to tackle all the programs holistically.

The site itself is barren, looking like a beach covered long ago and now exposed.Shell and other marine fossils can be found throughout the site

ground on the site
The site from the top.

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Jon Hall said...


My name is Jon Hall, and I lead groups that builds homes in Colonia de San Bernardo. We are a self-funded non-profit, and have built many homes in San Bernardo over the last 5 years. I am very interested in your project, and would be interested in learning more, and perhaps helping.

Jon Hall