Sunday, December 21, 2008

Page for View

I just whipped this out for VIEW, the new GSD design 'yearbook'.

On-going La Prusia shed design (top of image) by:
Estudio Teddy Cruz (Teddy Cruz, Megan Willis, Cesar Fabela), Quilian Riano, and Simon Bussiere.
Mock ups in Nicaragua by:
Simon Bussiere, Christine Canabou, Aron Chang, and Quilian Riano.
The mock ups and shed are based on principles first codified by the NICAestudio - GSD Spring ’08.
For more information go to:

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Dave Brown said... many publications does the GSD have now? seems like a ton. much more than when i was there. does Studioworks still exist or has it been replaced by 'view' and 'platform' and 'trays' and all the other new stuff I read about here?