Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring Break Charrette - Last Day: Developing a language

The Charrette is over and I think I accomplished my over all goal: develop the beginnings of an urban, landscape, and architectural language.

I began the last charrette day by retracing the water flows on my existing terrace system. The goal was to develop a system countering the grain of the terraces for secondary paths and housing lots. While I did this I was inspired by BIG's proposal for the Calsberg campus.
For Carlsburg BIG cross references a couple of grids to create a diversity of densities and programs.

Retracing the water flows:
Resulting Density/Circulation Diagrams:
The section was another step in developing the architectural language of sectional changes in terraces, pools, roads, houses, and the community center.
Now on to fully develop these ideas and I want to thank DK, Russ, and Trevor who participated in the charrette and gave me great advice.

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