Saturday, March 21, 2009

Visual Inspiration: Patterns + Representation

Looking at some of the midterm images I find that I am still trying to find the best way to represent my ideas. Traditional architectural documents such as plans, sections, etc... just will not work. First, I am designing a community that is meant to change and grow over time. That change will happen in a project with intricately linked relationships between the landscape, urban, and architectural form. Finally, this project is meant to serve as a menu and guide to the people in Tijuana. For those reasons to find representation techniques that are very clear and transmit the flexibility of the system, while satisfying my critics at the GSD and the clients on the ground.

While I look at better ways to represent ideas the following are images of patterns I am looking at for inspiration:

This image describes the landscape/urban form of my project better than any of the documents I have worked on so far. The terraces are my 3m modules and the channels are where the community center would grow. I need to be able to show this clearly plus...
The pixel-like growth.

Patterns and pattern-making techniques I have been looking at for my studies include:
cell growths

shells, this one reminds me of the landscape image above and begins to include the pixelation idea...

Water Erosion Patterns
Weaving and its process...

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