Sunday, August 31, 2008

about the name

Fruitful Contradictions comes from a quote by Antoine Picon as he discussed Buckminster Fuller's work. Picon's point was describing that as Bucky tried to subvert the object with ever-expandable systematic structures and ideas he could never quite succeed and came back to a strong architectural object, his work stronger thanks to that tension.

It occurs to me that this idea can also be carried to the site of my intervention. Tijuana and San Diego stand as inherent contradictions to each other but it is ultimately there were architecture and design can be the most helpful.

This blog will hopefully help me identify many other contradictions and expand on them until they reach fruitfulness.


Dk said...

i don't understand what the tension is, according to it between the math/engineering logic of the geodesic ("design science") model vs. more "normal" architectural object? abstract idea vs. a grounded object?

quilian riano said...

it is more about a tension between an emphasis on more abstract political and environmental ideas, and the eventual architectural object.