Saturday, April 25, 2009

3 weeks to go... update

There are under 3 weeks until T-Day (May 13th or 14th) and, as you can imagine, I am beginning to get freaked out.

Before I go to final execution mode I wanted to make an update of where things stand.

I have spent some of my time bringing the work from midterm and the spring break charrette together.

The program was for a community center but it has really turned into a community network, in black below (the three building all the way to the left are the existing school):
As you can see from the image above there are two larger community structures. To develop their design I am focusing on the new structure on the left and then apply the same language to the structure on the right (accounting for the different programs of course).

1st iteration:
This one is a large roof punctured with water collecting columns and program boxes:

2nd iteration:
Trying to organize the 3 systems described above (roof, program, water).
3rd iteration:
the three systems begin collapsing and become a spatial experience:LATEST iteration:
this latest iteration takes the one above and tries to organize it a little more:

This is a simple exploded axo sketch of the housing design... It is about a flexible generic structure that hooks on to the community network. As in the rest of the project the generic structure becomes specific in the way it meets the ground and it deals with water:


Ana MarĂ­a said...

hi q, i apologize if you have explained this elsewhere, but could you explain what is a community network? is it a building as infrastructure that allows for flexible growth around it? this is what i read from a very quick look at your [very nice!] images.

quilian riano said...

Hi Ana!

You are reading it exactly right, that is what the community network does.

Anonymous said...

I like how you put everything on Pylons/water collection columns.
Makes the building look snake-like?

Are the columns for storing water too or just circulating, directing flow?
I imagine given your location (on slope) structure needed to be raised anyways.