Thursday, September 11, 2008

Materials and Structures: Entelligant Constructive Systems

I am finally back from San Diego and will begin a series of posts to update on some of what I learned while on the trip. One of the first things that my advisor Teddy and I did was to head to Chula Vista to meet with Raymond Daily from Entilligant Constructive Systems. Ray and his crew are working on a holistic structural system that disturbs the site minimally, is easily assembled on site (all the joints are mechanical and can be put together by a single person in a matter of minutes), can be modified in a matter of minutes, can expand horizontally and vertically, and can be completely reused and/or recycled. Think of it as a full scale Lego set.

The system is still being tested and no images are available, this image from Entilligant other systems.

The system is in its infancy, and a bit over designed right now, but it is full of promise. A promise that, according to Ray, is inspired by Buckminster Fuller and ideas of biomimicry, Raymond's degree is in biology before he chose to make his living in the construction industry. Homage to Bucky notwithstanding, what the Entilligant system reminds me more of is Cedric Price's Fun House as the system allows to grow by adding bays or hanging new elements in every direction as new programs arise.

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